Christmas Mixes

2018 DJ Mix Number 07

Time is flying and another year will end soon. It was an outstanding year for me. A little stressful, but I had a lot of joy. My personal highlights were to play the first time on Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Time Warp and EXIT Festival. Was cool to explore some new stages. Today is Christmas, and I wish you and your families happy days. Thanks for your support! Enjoy my this year's Christmas Mix Number 07.

2017 DJ Mix Number 06

First of all, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a nice time with your loved ones. 2017 was such a good year for me and my label. I played so many nice Shows and with my label "Fckng Serious", we were the first electronic music label doing a Europe Bus Tour. Thanks again for your support all the time. Stay serious and enjoy my this year's Christmas Mix Number 06.



This year´s christmas we have almost no snow and still 16 degrees. At least in the city where I live. Let´s hope that the guy, sitting in the sky, will not forget about us. Would be nice. Anyway - I have a little present for all of you. My "DJ Mix Number 04". Every single year it is such a great time to record this special moment for you. Hope you gonna like it. Enjoy! and I wish you a merry christmas!

2013 DJ MIX Number 02

It´s already christmas and a lot people are spending their time with their familys. Me too. Today i like to give away my second DJ mix. This time we recorded the full set with our video cameras to give you a insight about what I am doing. Mixing, dancing and doing funny things. I hope you will enjoy it. Note: All tracks are written and produced by Boris Brejcha. All tracks are still unreleased.

2016 DJ Mix Number 05

First of all I like to wish you Merry Christmas. Think about positive things in life and have a great time together with your Family. That´s most important. I am really happy to give away my this years "Christmas Mix" (Number 05). This time I decided to record my DJ Mix in a Club in Germany (Augsburg) called "Kesselhaus" which I really love. And this year I recorded a 2 hours Set and mixed it up with unreleased and also already released music of mine. I hope you have fun with that one and slide smooth into 2017.

2014 DJ Mix Number 03

This year was running so fast - and I am happy that we have christmas again. I love the winter, snow, delicious food, family time and good music :-) My third DJ mix comes with really sweet tunes and I did a little round tour - to give you an overview about how I live. I hope you will enjoy this years mix and I wish you a merry christmas.

2012 DJ MIX Number One

My special christmas mix. Hope you will enjoy it and i wish you a merry christmas.