Christmas Mixes

2017 DJ Mix Number 06

First of all, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a nice time with your loved ones. 2017 was such a good year for me and my label. I played so many nice Shows and with my label "Fckng Serious", we were the first electronic music label doing a Europe Bus Tour. Thanks again for your support all the time. Stay serious and enjoy my this year's Christmas Mix Number 06.



This year´s christmas we have almost no snow and still 16 degrees. At least in the city where I live. Let´s hope that the guy, sitting in the sky, will not forget about us. Would be nice. Anyway - I have a little present for all of you. My "DJ Mix Number 04". Every single year it is such a great time to record this special moment for you. Hope you gonna like it. Enjoy! and I wish you a merry christmas!

2013 DJ MIX Number 02

It´s already christmas and a lot people are spending their time with their familys. Me too. Today i like to give away my second DJ mix. This time we recorded the full set with our video cameras to give you a insight about what I am doing. Mixing, dancing and doing funny things. I hope you will enjoy it. Note: All tracks are written and produced by Boris Brejcha. All tracks are still unreleased.

2016 DJ Mix Number 05

First of all I like to wish you Merry Christmas. Think about positive things in life and have a great time together with your Family. That´s most important. I am really happy to give away my this years "Christmas Mix" (Number 05). This time I decided to record my DJ Mix in a Club in Germany (Augsburg) called "Kesselhaus" which I really love. And this year I recorded a 2 hours Set and mixed it up with unreleased and also already released music of mine. I hope you have fun with that one and slide smooth into 2017.

2014 DJ Mix Number 03

This year was running so fast - and I am happy that we have christmas again. I love the winter, snow, delicious food, family time and good music :-) My third DJ mix comes with really sweet tunes and I did a little round tour - to give you an overview about how I live. I hope you will enjoy this years mix and I wish you a merry christmas.

2012 DJ MIX Number One

My special christmas mix. Hope you will enjoy it and i wish you a merry christmas.